This category is primarily for resources related to waste reduction by reusing and recycling natural and man-made items.
This category is primarily for resources related to waste minimization by using fewer resources, reusing and recycling. Websites about control of air and water pollution or management of hazardous wastes and toxic substances, and similar pollution topics belong in other categories of Science/Environment or in Business/Environment_and_Safety. Composting is a technique for waste minimization, so some sites should be submitted to the category Home/Gardens/Composting. Control of air and water pollution are covered in other categories in EnvironmentScience/Environment.
A materials exchange is an operation that enables industrial process wastes, by-products, surpluses, or off-specification materials to be transferred to another company where they are used as a process input. Materials exchanges are operated by governments, industry groups, and private firms. By exchanging byproducts with other companies, industry can achieve substantial waste reduction. Industrial ecology (see Science:Environment:Sustainability:Industrial Ecology) is a closely related concept.
Sites of Businesses which deal in used computers and/or computer parts should be submitted to Computers/Hardware/Used. Sites of Businesses which collect and recycle electronic equipment and parts should be submitted to Business/Energy_and_Environment/Waste_Management/Recycling/Electronics.

NOTICE: Sites already listed in either of the categories above will not receive an additional listing in this category.