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links must be about DANEX or DANEX/NOCO. Links can be in other defence-related categories too.
DANEX is the big multinational naval exercise in Danish waters with both conventional forces and maritime special operations forces.
links/pages must be about the DANISH frogmancorps only. NOT about US NAVY SEALS etc.
Frømandskorpset er søværnets maritime specialoperationsstyrke. The Frogman Corps is the Royal Danish Navy Maritime Specialoperations force (SOF).
Submit title: name of the Ship (in bold) after the class of ship e.g. Kommandoskibet THETIS
Hjemmesider om individuelle skibe og maritime fartøjer, og fartøjskategorier. Homepages about individual ships and maritme vessles.
Patrulje Nord Grønland (PNG) a.k.a. Siriuspatruljen, er underlagt Grønlandskommandoen
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