Bangla (also known as Bengali) is the 7th largest language in the world and official language of Bangladesh. It is widely spoken by about 200 million people in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, United Kingdom, UAE, Singapore, United States, Canada and many other countries where the Bangla speakers live. Bangla is the only language in the world for which, a historic language movement was occurred, during the period of 1948-1952 and lots of peoples sacrificed their lives on 21 February 1952. As a recognition of this historic movement, the UNESCO, in November 1999, has declared the 21 February as International Mother Language Day. This World/Bangla category is for websites written in Bangla (Bengali) language only regardless of their contents. Any website though relevant with Bangla-speaking topic, but written in English, should be put under the category Regional, not here. "World/Bangla" category-te kebol mattro Bnagla bhashar website-shomuho antorbhukto kora hobe. Anno je kono bhashay likhito website-shomuho "Ancholik (Regional)" category-te rakhar jonno anurodh kora holo.
এই খানে সংগ্রহ করা হবে যে শব website জার মুল বিশয় হচ্ছে কি করে অঙ্কযন্ত্রে বাংলা লেখা যায়, দেখান যায় এবং শঞ্চয় করা যায় This category includes all webpages germane to the encoding storing and display of bangla text via computers. Je shob website-er mul bishoy hocche ki kore computer-e bangla rochona lekha jay, dekhano jay ebong shonchoy kora jay, shei website gule ekhane jogar kore rakha hobe.