This category contains links to resources associated with traditional wrestling styles that are commonly associated with a particular culture or region. Many of these wrestling forms date back thousands of years, and may or may not be practiced today. Examples include but are not limited to:
  • Canary Style (Lucha Canaria)- Canary Islands
  • Cornish Wrestling - Cornwall, England
  • Cumberland and Westmoreland - England
  • Devonshire Wrestling - Devon, England
  • Glima - Vikings
  • Gouren (Breton Style) - France
  • Inner/Outer Mongolian - Mongolia
  • Kato pale (Ground Wrestling) - Greece
  • Laamb - Senegal
  • Oilwrestling - Turkey/Egypt
  • Orthia pale (Upright and Proper Wrestling) - Greece
  • Pankration - Greece
  • Ranggeln - Austria
  • Sambo - Russia
  • Schwingen - Switzerland
  • Scottish Backhold - Scotland
  • Shuai Chaio - China
  • S'istrumpa - Sardinia
  • Sumo - Japan
and other forms.
Glima, which translates into "The Game of Joy" is over 1000 years old and was brought to Iceland by the Vikings. In the modern day, Formal Glima is characterized by 4 key points and 8 basic tricks (bragd) using the legs, hips, and feet to throw. [Source: Excerpts from "The Gripping History of Glima", Journal of Western Martial Art, 1999, Pete Kautz.
This category contains links related to oilwrestling, mainly Yagli G├╝res and/or Edirne Kirkpinar oil wrestling (Turkish oilwrestling).