This category is for wrestler's whose name begins with R.
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Sites pertaining to Reggie Bennett.
Submit sites about Reggie Bennett here.
Sites pertaining to Ricky Apollo.
Submit sites about Ricky Apollo.
The late Rick Rude performed in several promotions including the World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling. Often described as Ravishing for his physique. editor: rob13 2000-08-10
Submit sites devoted to the life and career of "Ravishing" Rick Rude.
Sites pertaining to Rico Contantino.
Submit sites about Rico Contantino here.
Right To Censor was founded by Steven Richards to bring morals to the WWF. This category contains sites devoted to this group as well as links to the individual members past or present. editor: rob13 2000-10-23
Submit sites focusing on Right To Censor as a group. Sites dedicated to the individual members should be submitted to those categories.
Road Dogg Jesse James was one half of the New Age Outlaws and a member of D-Generation X. He was introduced to the WWF by Jeff Jarrett. editor: rob13 2000-08-01
Submit sites devoted to Road Dogg Jesse James.

Sites about D-Generation X or the New Age Outlaws should be submitted to those categories.

This category is for sites devoted to Rob Van Dam.
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Sites pertaining to The Rock
Submit sites about The Rock here.
Sites focusing on Ron Simmons, currently Faarooq, one half of the WWF Acolytes. editor: rob13 2000-10-17
Submit sites focusing on Ron Simmons aka Faarooq. Sites about Ron Simmons in a tag team (ex. Acolytes) should be submitted to a higher category.
Rowdy Roddy Piper has been involved with numerous promotions including the WWF and WCW since the 1970s. As a wrestler as well as a commissioner and various other positions. editor: rob13 2000-10-21
Submit sites focused on Rowdy Roddy Piper and his career.