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Ron Killings performed in the World Wrestling Federation. He was a tag team partner of Road Dogg Jesse James.
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Ken Shamrock is not currently with the World Wrestling Federation. He has gone back to competing in Ultimate Fighting Championship.
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Kevin Nash made his big debut as Diesel in the World Wrestling Federation. He teamed up with Shawn Micheals for awhile. Later, Nash went to World Championship Wrestling and became part of "The Outsiders" and then the "New World Order".
Billy Kidman has been a cruiserweight, or light weight, competitor in both WCW and WWF.
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Formerly with World Championship Wrestling, sometimes called K-Dogg.
The team of Brian Adams and Bryan Clark.
Kurt Angle is a former Olympic gold medalist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S. "Intensity, integrity, and intelligence" have allowed Kurt to become a well decorated WWF wrestler in a short time. He has one the WWF Intercontinental, European, and Heavyweight titles in less than a year in the company.
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