This category is for wrestler's whose name begins with H.
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Bob Holly took on the name Hardcore when he adopted a more aggressive attitude.
Submit sites devoted to Hardcore Bob Holly, or his previous personas. Sites devoted to Crash and Molly should be submitted to their categories.
Matt and Jeff Hardy comprise the WWF team of the Hardy Boyz. They are often accompanied by Lita.
Submit sites about either Matt or Jeff. Sites about Lita should be submitted to her category.
Sites pertaining to Harley Race.
Sites pertaining to Hell's Belles
Sites pertaining to Hilario Varga.
Sites pertaining to Hillbilly Cousin Luke
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These sites focus on Hulk Hogan from his early years through his time in WWF and later with WCW.
Submit sites about wrestler Hulk Hogan, or Hollywood Hulk Hogan as he is now known.
Sites pertaining to Hyena.
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