This category is for all sites related to professional wrestling, with the exception of Shopping sites which should be submitted to Shopping: Sports: Pro_Wrestling. (Or sites which fall under the Adult guidelines.)
Please discuss changes to these submission guidelines in the Sports forum.

Before you submit your site please take the time to look around and review the guidelines below. Following these guidelines will speed the acceptance of your site and significantly reduce the chances of its rejection. Multiple submissions to inappropriate categories will not be tolerated.

Find the Proper Location for Your Site

  1. Search the Open Directory for keywords that relate to your site. This will aid you in submitting to the most appropriate category.
  2. Be sure to review the subcategory descriptions if available.
  3. Try to submit to the most specific category.

Tips on Creating a Good Description

In other words, if you want us to use the description you submit it needs to be accurate and within guidelines.

  • Try to describe your site in the style of the sites already listed in the category.
  • The title should be what you have in the title of the document, or perhaps the name of your company or organization.
  • Do not type in all caps.
  • Do not include a list of keywords. Try to use full sentences.
  • Do not write a sales pitch. E.g. "The best site in the world for everything you ever wanted to know about anything and everything."
  • Do not include HTML, it will not work and may mess up your submission to the point it is rejected.
This category is for sites focusing on opportunities for site visitors to discuss professional wrestling related topics, whether live or through a bulletin board system.
Discussion should be the main focus of your site, if you have other features please take a look at the other categories under Sports: Wrestling: Professional.

This category is not for e-fed, or fantasy wrestling federations, please submit those to Games: Internet: Roleplaying: Sports: Wrestling.

These sites feature link collections to other wrestling related web sites. Some include descriptions and/or reviews of the listed sites.
Submit sites consisting primarily of links to other wrestling related web sites covering a broad range of topics. If your directory lists sites focusing on a particular promotion please submit to that category if it exists.
Lucha libre, a Spanish phrase loosely translated into English as "free-style fighting," is a genre of professional wrestling developed in Mexico. Traditionally, Lucha Libre traces back to the early 1930s when Salvador Lutterroth brought American wrestlers he had seen during his time in Texas to Mexico, although there had been previous attempts to bring it to Mexico. A male Lucha Libre perfomer is known as a luchador, the plural of which is luchadores; a female is a luchadora. Because most wrestlers in Mexico are smaller than their counterparts elsewhere in North America, there is less emphasis on power moves than in the United States or Canada. Mexican wrestling is marked by rapid sequences of holds and moves, as well as spectacular high-flying moves, many of which have been adopted north of the border. In Mexico and other Spanish-speaking areas such as Puerto Rico, lucha libre is used to refer to all forms of professional wrestling, not just the Mexican style. However, since Mexico is the largest and most influential Spanish-speaking market for wrestling, the term is more synonymous with Mexican professional wrestling. -- Wikipedia
Sites that deal primarily with multimedia such as pictures, sounds, theme music, and movies. These sites cover multiple promotions and should be extensive in their content.
Following these guidelines will get your site listed as quickly as possible.
  • The site should cover multiple promotions extensively, e.g. WWE and WCW. If the site focuses on a specific promotion please submit to that category -- not here.
  • These guidelines are in addition to the ones for Sports: Wrestling: Professional
Sports Entertainment (Professional Wrestling) has a huge following on the internet, and there are many web sites dedicated to giving daily and weekly news on what is going on in and out of the ring.
Please submit only sites dealing with pro wrestling radio or TV shows in this category.
This category contains sites dedicated to various professional wrestling personalities such as referees, managers, announcers, commentators, or anyone else who is not clearly a wrestler or valet.
Please note that wrestlers and valets have their own categories next to this one. Only submit sites here pertaining to professional wrestling personalities that do not fit in one of the other categories. E.g. referees or announcers.

more information (editors only)

This is an umbrella category for all professional wrestling promotions. From international to local.

Sites in this category should:

  • Be the official site of a professional wrestling promotion.
  • Cover a specific wrestling promotion in a broad manner.
  • Only contain professionally trained athletes (backyard federations should be submitted to Sports: Wrestling: Backyard_Wrestling.

If your site is about a specific promotion and a category exists for that promotion. Please submit within it.

The term "puroresu" is an abbreviation of "purofesshonaru resuringu (professional wrestling in Japanese tongue)" and was made famous by Hisaharu Tanabe to the English-speaking audience around 1990 in order to distinguish between the Japanese style and its American counterpart. Because of Internet and newsletters, there has been more access to puroresu in recent years, thus generating a bigger following in other countries.
Please only submit sites dealing with puroresu to this category. No other submissions will be accepted.
Sites that feature professional wrestling schools.
The women in this category are typically managers, valets, dancers (e.g. the former WCW Nitro Girls), or interact in the shows in some manner but not significantly in wrestling matches.
Following these brief guidelines will get your site listed as quickly as possible.

This category is primarily for the women that do not wrestle in matches very often (i.e. managers, valets, dancers, ring announcers, etc.). Those women that do wrestle a significant amount may be found in the Wrestlers category.

Submit sites to this category that feature multiple women of wrestling. It does not matter if they are from the same promotion or not.

Sites focusing on a specific star should be submitted to her category if it exists, or to this one if it does not yet exist.

Note that these women do switch names so a category may exist already under another name. Whether a new category or a rename is applicable is at the discretion of the editors.

This category contains sites about multiple professional wrestlers from multiple promotions, or from promotions that do not yet have a category in Sports: Wrestling: Promotions. The wrestlers may be male or female, past or present.

Sites about individual wrestlers are found under the letter category based on their first name, e.g. 'John Q. Public' should be under J.

Following these guidelines will get your site listed as quickly as possible.

  • Only submit sites about multiple wrestlers from multiple promotions to this category.
  • Your site may be official or a fan page. Possible contents include biographical information, photos, and career highlights.
  • Sites featuring multiple wrestlers from a single promotion should be submitted to that category if it exists.
  • Sites about single wrestlers should be submitted the proper letter category of the Alphabet Bar.