This category is for rowing, including information on regattas, associations (this includes RCs and BCs), and governing bodies.
Please note that you should submit your site only once to the ODP under most circumstances. Very few sites belong in the top category - try to find an appropriate subcategory. Sites in languages other than English should not be submitted to this category - find the appropriate place in World.
Sites of Rowing associations, clubs, or organizations.
Official sites for College and University rowing teams around the world.
Not all rowing takes place on the water. Rowing on indoor rowing machines is an important part of crew and an opportunity for rowers to focus on fitness and techniques.
Please submit sites with information specifically on indoor rowing, such as techniques, workouts, and competitions. Manufacturer sites for indoor rowing equipment should be submitted to the appropriate category.
Sites devoted to Ocean Rowing.
Please only submit Ocean Rowing sites. Sites dealing with Ocean Rowing only as a small section might be better off in the main Rowing Category.
Regattas are rowing races range from local events to international championships that span several days and consist of thousands of rowers. This category includes site of competitive regattas but also charity races.
Please submit only the official sites of regattas or sites that offer online registration of these events.
Please submit only sites about Youth and High School Rowing. This includes any club which primarily caters for people up to 18. Clubs dealing primarily with older people (18+) should be listed in the Sports: Rowing: Associations category. College and University sites should be placed in the or the University and College category in the main Rowing category.