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This category is for sites providing interactive discussions among visitors, whether via live chat or through a bulletin board system.
Submit sites for clubs whose focus is track and field (i.e., athletics). Clubs with a narrower focus on road or other non-track running should be submitted to Sports/Running/Clubs.

Please direct your submissions to the appropriate region, country, and state/province, if possible.

Contains sites for clubs devoted to track and field (athletics) training and competition.
Please submit your site to this category only if your site is primarily focused on collegiate track and field (i.e., collegiate athletics). Sites in a language other than English belong in the appropriate category under World.

Submit sites devoted to a single team under the appropriate organization (NCAA, NAIA, etc.) and conference. If your site is not the official site of a single school or conference, make sure your site has original content not found on a school or conference''s official site.

more information (editors only)

This category is for websites providing news, results, history, or other information on collegiate track and field (i.e., college or university athletics). For example, this includes U.S. NCAA, NAIA, and Junior Colleges.
Contains sites which serve as collections of resources for track and field.
Please submit only sites related to track and field competitions. Road races should go under Sports/Running/Road_Running/Events; other types of running events should go into the appropriate category under Sports/Running.
Contains sites for track and field meets of all types.
This category is for websites dealing with scholastic (school grades 9-12) track and field.
This category is for websites dealing with track and field jumping events (e.g., long jump, high jump, and triple jump).
Also known as Veteran Athletes, Masters Track and Field competitors are women over 35 and men over 40; the closely related Seniors (over 50) category will be included here for now.
Please submit only sites dealing with Track and Field Multi-Events in this category. Triathlon sites have their own category under Sports.

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Decathlon, Pentathlon, Weight Pentathlon and other Track and Field Multi-Events
This category is for websites dealing with track and field news or media coverage.
Governing bodies for the sport of track and field, from the international to the local level, may be found here. Organizations involved in promotion or competition in track and field on a national or international level also appear here.
This category should generally contain sites about the author''s personal experience in track and field, including performances, advice, training plans, etc.

Sites about elite or well known athletes should go in Sports/Track_and_Field/Athletes.

Contains sites concerning the personal experiences or advice of the author(s) in track and field.
Submit sites to this category that are focused on one or more track running distances (e.g. the 100 meters). Sites for running events competed off the track should go in Sports/Running

Sites containing information on track meets should go under Sports/Track_and_Field/Events

This category is for websites dealing with track and field running events, including sprints (100-400 meters), middle distance (800-3000 meters), long distance (5000-up), and hurdle races.
This category is for websites dealing with all track and field throwing events (e.g., discus, javelin, shot put, and weights).
Submit sites to this category that provide free training information for multiple track and field events. Sites that provide information on a single area (Jumps, Pole Vault, Running, etc.) should be submitted to the appropriate event category.

Sites that sell training information or literature (online or print) should go under Shopping/Sports/Track_and_Field

This category contains sites which provide training information for multiple track and field events.
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