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If your site relates to a specific player rather than tennis in general, please submit your site to the appropriate subcategory of the Tennis Players category.

If you site relates to sports in general you should submit your site to the Sports chats and forums category.

This category is for sites presenting opportunities for site visitors to discuss tennis-related topics, whether live or through a bulletin board system.
For this category, please suggest only sites related to memorabilia from the game of tennis or from tennis players. If your site deals with memorabilia or other collectibles from other sports, please visit Recreation/Collecting/Sports and choose a more appropriate subcategory for suggesting your site to. Thank you.
This category includes sites about tennis-related collectibles such as: audio/video tapes, CDs, DVDs, autographs, toys, stamps, and any other type of memorabilia related to tennis players or to the game of tennis. Sites offering sales of collector's items belongs in
Collections of links to sites about tennis.
This category isn''t for professional players!
This category includes sites about up-and-coming junior players, and information of interest to junior players in general. "Juniors" are normally players aged 18 and under, although some juniors make the leap to professional ranks at an earlier age in their career.
Sites which focus on tennis-related news and events. Includes general tennis news magazines with a mixture of latest news and general features.
Please do NOT submit local tennis clubs to this category or any other Sports/Tennis category.

For local tennis clubs, submit to the appropriate Regional/ category. Most likely the locality (city, village or town) is the most appropriate location.

Tennis-related organizations of interest across a large geographical area, or worldwide. Local organizations such as clubs belong in the Regional/ area.
This category includes sites of fairly simple design and content, usually created by fans, and with a focus on tennis in general. Sites devoted to a specific aspect of tennis (such as a particular professional player) can be found in the appropriate sub-categories under .
Personal sites about social players should be listed under Sports/Tennis/Personal_Pages.

Sites primarily aimed at social players should be listed under Sports/Tennis/Social.

Sites for and about those that play professional tennis.
This game is the predecessor of modern tennis and other racquet sports. Either singles or doubles matches can be played. In England the game is known as Real Tennis, in America, Court Tennis, in France, jeu de paume, and in Australia, Royal Tennis. (Description adapted from that provided by the Ballarat Tennis Club)
Ringtennis can best be described as a cross between volleyball and tennis, using a ring instead of a ball. The sport has been played since the first half of the twentieth century, and is most popular in South Africa and Germany. Ringtennis is also known as tenniquoits, decktennis and circlos.
Sites about specific social players should be submitted to Sports/Tennis/Personal_Pages.

Sites about professional tennis players should be submitted to Sports/Tennis/Players.

This category is for sites aimed primarily at social, or amateur, tennis players.
Only submit International Series events to this category!

All other professional tournaments belong under the appropriate subcategory, if any, under the tennis tournaments category.
This category includes sites about professional tennis tournaments. It can also include amateur or social tournaments if they are of wide interest. Tournaments of local interest only should be listed in the Regional section.
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