Sites covering a range of strength-based sports.
Only sites covering all or multiple strength sports will be listed at this level. Sites dealing with a specific sport should be submitted to the specific category.

Retail sites will not be listed here; they should be submitted to the an appropriate category under Shopping. Sites selling nutritional supplements should be submitted to Shopping/Health_and_Beauty/Nutrition/Sports_Nutrition/Supplements .

Armwrestling is a sport that everyone knows. This well-known sport, however, is not restricted to winning a bet between friends. It has developed into one of the most sought-after sports by the competitive trainer.
Please submit sites dealing with armwrestling.
For sites pertaining to weight training and/or bodybuilding. While these two are not the same, they are equated by many and much of the information regarding one will also be appropriate for the other.
Only sites providing a comprehensive overview of the sport of bodybuilding should be submitted to the top level. Typically sites in this category offer FAQs, chats, forums, news, publications, etc. all on one site.

Most sites should be submitted to a sub-category. If you think your site could fit in more than one sub-category, submit it only to the best fit. Sites will not be listed in more than one category.

Sites, links, and information related to Highland Games in all arenas.
Sites and links devoted to Olympic-style Weightlifting; competition, training, and organizations.
All things associated with powerlifting, which pertains to sports centering around any or all of the powerlifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. There is information on powerlifting organizations, personalities, records, powerlifting-specific training, and more.
Please only submit websites about people and teams involved in powerlifting, not bodybuilding or Olympic weightlifting.
For strongman sports, odd-lifts of all kinds, strongman feats and training, and armwrestling.
Please only submit websites with information on training, not sites selling training products.