In this category, we are treating Softball as the generic name for three distinct sports: Fastpitch, Modified Pitch, and Slowpitch. All three sports are international in nature and are played by men, women, boys and girls in every part of the United States. No sites will be listed directly under the category of Softball. They must be put under one of the distinct sports or must be listed under the subcategories (like Software) that apply to all three sports. The most recognizable distinction between the sports is in the pitching delivery. The major governing bodies (ASA, NSA, USSSA, PONY and others) provide on-line and published rule books which give descriptions of the different pitching styles as well as other variations in the way the games are played.
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Modified pitch softball is a unique brand of softball that is basically a cross between slow-pitch and fast-pitch softball. Pitchers deliver the ball without an arc but are limited in their motion (no windmill, etc.) so the pitching speeds are slower than normal fast pitch softball. There is bunting and stealing so the game is more like baseball.
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