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Please submit only submit magazines and other regularly issued publications in this category.
Skating in places such as (but not restricted to) skateparks, pools, ramps and rails. Extreme inline skating.
All non-shopping sites related to artistic skating on inline skates and quad roller skates may be submitted to this category. Sites selling artistic figure skating products should be submitted to the Shopping/Sports/Skating category.
Indoor and outdoor figure skating, skate dancing, pairs skating, synchronized skating, roller disco, and other types of artistic skating on inline skates and quad roller skates.
Please submit inline skating directories to this category.
This category contains sites that consist primarily of links to other inline skating sites.
This category includes all types of local inline skating and quad roller skating clubs, but excludes federations and large organizations and associations.
Large associations such as national/international federations. Local associations (e.g. Podunk Inline Skaters' Association) are generally found in Sports/Skating/Inline_Skating/Regional.
Please submit only English language sites to this category. Submit all others to an appropriate World category.
Organizations and resources limited to specific regions. English language sites only. For other languages, look for the appropriate World category.
This category deals with the sport of Roller Derby.
The sport was born in Chicago during the Depression, but didn't achieve national prominence until the advent of television in the 1940's.
All skating instructors, schools, and workshops submitted to this category must be based in Australia.
Inline skating instructors and skate schools. Quad skating instructors may be found in Sports/Skating/Roller_Skating. This category is not for pages that market *to* instructors -- this is for pages in which the instructors themselves advertise their services. Rinks also are not listed in this category. See Sports/Skating/Roller_Skating/Rinks_and_Clubs.
Clubs, manufacturers and other speed-related topics in both quad and inline speed skating.
Skating rinks and arenas, and competitive or recreational skating clubs.
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