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This category is for general Sports camps only. If the camp is focused on a specific sport, please submit it to the appropriate category for that sport.
Includes sites with a focus on general Sports Camps.
This category is for sites about coaching in general, covering multiple sports. If your coaching site is specific to a particular sport, please submit it instead to the category for that sport.

Please note, if the site''s intended audience is the player of the sport, rather than those who coach the player, it should be submitted in: Sports/People/Training/

Coaches work with athletes to help them achieve their best. They may be professional coaches working with elite teams and individuals, or amateurs coaching the local junior team. In some sports, coaches are known as team managers.
Please submit sites that contain current information related to high athletic performance nutrition, such as supplements and supplement programs for endurance athletes or special vitamin requirements for athletes who train more 15 hours per week, or information related to how nutrition and intense training/overtraining are related, and anything else that pertains to high athletic performance nutrition, NOT generalized fitness nutrition information.
Under the Sports/Training Category, the Nutrition category will contain information geared towards high athletic performance and training, not simply towards general Health/Fitness (high performance diets, nutritional foods, supplements, and programs specifically for endurance athletes, for example).
Submissions should be directly related to sports performance and improvement.

Technologies should be of the kind serious athletes and trainers would use, which would not otherwise fit in the general consumer-oriented, sporting goods categories.

This category is for sites on the Science of sports. Products for sale or business listings are unlikely to be listed here. Here you'll find all kinds of information, whether it's the physics of a fastball, the chemistry of running shoe soles or ways to use statistics and mathematics to better model sports outcomes. This is not about sports training as such. Those go into Sports/Training for example, but not here.
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