All kinds of people are involve in sports: amateurs and professionals; juniors just starting out and retired greats; athletes and the fans cheering them on.
This category is for general sites about all kinds of sportspeople. Sites about people in specific sports should instead be submitted to the relevant subcategory.
Sports, of course, is nothing without its Fans. Most scholars suggest that "fan" is a shortened form of "fanatic." In some cases they're quite right. This category contains sites that are general resources for sports fans. The sites listed are either not specific to a single sport or cover multiple sports. For information for/about fans of a particular sport, please see that sport category.
This category is for services that match players with other players.
Please submit your site to this category only if your partner-finding service covers a range of sports. If it relates to one sport only, please submit it to the category for that sport.
This category is for general Sports camps only. If the camp is focused on a specific sport, please submit it to the appropriate category for that sport.