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Please only submit sites under this category that primarily contain karting related chats and/or forums. Also indicate within your description, the type of karting your site caters to along with the geographical area(s) being covered if appropriate.
This category contains sites that contain kart racing related chat rooms and forums.
Please submit sites related to karting clubs and ensure that a large percent of the site relates to the club and club related activities. If not please locate a more appropriate category.
This category contains links to various kart clubs. Within several of the links you will find information of races, schedules memberships and more. An excellent way to be introduced to karting and locating a club near you.
Please submit site descriptions that are objective. Include information such as ages taught, tracks utilized, equipment used, chief instructor and other services or information offered.
Listing of schools offering instruction and coaching for kart driving and racing.
All submissions for this category should be directly related to "Shifterkarts" and "Superkarts" fitted with gearboxes.
This category also includes karts otherwise known as Superkarts. These high performance karts are fitted with gearboxes and a gearshift hence the term "Shifter kart". Shifter karts are regularly run on shorter "Sprint" style circuits and longer full size motor racing circuits all over the world. The F/E class of superkart is capable of speeds well in excess of 240kph.
This category is for kart racing teams only. Please submit individual driver sites to the Sports: Motorsports: Karting: Drivers category. Please submit objective site descriptions that include the information provided on the site such as driver profile, race results, photos, race reports etc... Note the home town and country the team is based in.
Kart racing team pages.
Please only submit competition Kart track sites into this category. Multi-purpose entertainment facilities such as miniature golf courses, arcades and birthday party facilities with kart rentals will not be listed here. These should be submitted to the regional locality to which they are located.
Sprint, oval, dirt, clay, asphalt, enduro and any other type of kart racing tracks can be found here.
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