Fitness and conditioning resources for the martial artist of all styles and disciplines.
Please suggest only sites that are of a general resource to the martial artist on fitness, health or conditioning.

Sites for schools, clubs and training programs will not be accepted here.
Cardio Kickboxing (a.k.a. aerobic boxing, Aerobox, Boxercise, Boxaerobics and others) is a high-impact cardiovascular workout that blends elements of boxing, martial arts and traditional aerobics into a 30- to 60-minute exercise routine. Classes vary but generally feature a variety of punches, kicks, knee strikes and other self-defense moves interspersed with a bouncing "base" move. Some cardio-kickboxing classes spend at least part of the time kicking and punching weighted, padded targets or engaging in actual sparring. The class may also incorporate traditional exercises, such as jumping jacks, abdominal crunches, leg lifts and push-ups to create a total body workout.
Please suggest sites that are about Cardio Kickboxing or other Martial Aerobic type activities. Schools that teach more than Cardio Kickboxing, such as Karate, self-defense, Kung Fu, and etc., should not be submitted here and will only delay the review process. These should be submitted only to the most appropriate category for schools and instructions.
Trainers or fitness centers that include resistance training, martial art themed cardio programs, and various other health and nutritional programs of a martial arts theme.
Many martial art schools offer some form of cardio or fitness program as part of their curriculum. These schools belong in the most appropriate Schools and Instruction category of it''s primary style. Only clubs that offer a comprehensive program of fitness and martial arts training would be accepted here (sort of a martial arts school and health club hybrid).

Sites that will not be accepted: * Health Clubs that offer Martial Arts programs. * Martial Arts schools that also offers a cardio program. (as noted above)