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Please submit sites for amateur adult ice hockey leagues and teams to this category.
This category contains teams and leagues for adult non-professional ice hockey teams.
Please submit ice hockey directory sites to this category.
This category contains site that consist primarily or exclusively of links to other sites about ice hockey.
Please submit sites devoted to high school ice hockey to this category.
This category contains sites about high school ice hockey, from sites about individual teams to sites about leagues to sites about high school ice hockey generally.
Please submit sites about the America West Hockey League or its teams to this category.
There is currently no description created for this category.
Please submit sites to the most appropriate subcategory (i.e., league, team, etc.). This will help us review and add the site more quickly.

Sites for individual players should be submitted to Sports/Hockey/Ice_Hockey/Leagues/Minor_League/Players/.

Sites for minor hockey (not professional) should be submitted to junior hockey or youth hockey.

Thank you!

This category contains sites about professional minor league hockey leagues and teams. Minor league hockey in North America has expanded from the traditional enclaves of the frozen north, becoming a beloved feature of many large and small cities in the west, the south, the midwest, and the northern and eastern states and Canada.
Please submit sites related to the NHL to this category or the most appropriate subcategory. Please submit sites for specific players to the Players/ subcategory, and please submit team-specific sites to the proper category within Teams. Submitting your site to the proper category will help us review it more quickly.

Non-English language sites should only be submitted to the appropriate category within World/.

Sites about the National Hockey League (NHL), NHL teams' official pages, fan pages, news and media, schedules, players and statistics.
Please submit sites about women''s ice hockey to this category.
This category contains sites about women's ice hockey players, teams, and leagues.
Please submit sites about youth ice hockey to this category.
This category contains sites about youth ice hockey, including playing tips, teams, leagues, or youth ice hockey in general.
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