Whether played on the ice, on a field, on the street or elsewhere, hockey is an exciting team sport involving two teams who attempt to score the most goals against their opponents.
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Bandy is played on an ice rink the size of a soccer field with a low barrier along the side of the rink to stop the ball from rolling out of play. Teams are composed of 11 players on skates, who work to shoot the ball into the other team's net and prevent the other team from scoring into theirs.
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Broomball is similar to ice hockey: it is played on a regular ice hockey arena with the same intention as hockey and that is to score more goals then your opposition. Broomball players run on the ice using specially designed shoes. Players move a rubber ball, approximately six inches in diameter, around the ice surface with the aid of a broom, and like ice hockey, the teams try to get the puck into the net more often than their opponent.
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Field Hockey, or (just plain) Hockey as it is known in most parts of the world, is a stick and ball game with origins dating back thousands of years. It's traditionally played on grass, but it has become increasingly popular to play on synthetic surfaces at the elite level and in certain countries.
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Known in various languages as Floorball, Florball, Unihoc, Unihockey, Uni-Hockey, Innebandy, Salibandy, Hockey consom. Particularly popular in Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and the Baltic states. Floorball is played indoors with a hollow plastic ball 72 mm in diameter weighing 23 grams, and carbon/plastic sticks. In each team there are five field players and a goalkeeper. The goalkeeper has no stick. The game is fast and dynamic, with no form of tackling allowed.
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Roller hockey is similar to the sport of ice hockey, but it is generally played on inline skates. Instead of ice, players skate surfaces ranging from driveways to Sport Court rinks. Pucks can be similar to ice hockey pucks, but often a ball is used.
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Street hockey, also known as road hockey, ball hockey, or dekhockey, is played with tennis shoes in the street or outside. A rubber ball is used instead of a puck. It can be as informal as a group of kids playing a pickup game on a cul-de-sac or as formal as teams competing for a national championship.
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