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English Rugby League is currently split into 4 distinct sections, two of which focus on the amateur game and two of which focus on the professional game. The current professional game is split into two divisions, the wholly professional Rugby Super League, and the semi-professional Premiership. Both competitions are run under the umbrella organization of the Rugby Football League, and promotion and relegation operates between the two leagues. The amateur game is split between the British Amateur Rugby League Association (BARLA) and the more recent Summer Conference. The BARLA teams consist mostly of amateur clubs based in the northern heartlands of the English game, whereas the summer conference has a wider geographic spread across the United Kingdom. One competition that both BARLA clubs and the professional clubs share is the Rugby League Challenge Cup, where the teams can meet head to head in a knock out competition, along with a limited number of teams from the French competition. Plans are currently underway to bring all the competitions together under one governing body and playing with a common summer season -- the amateur clubs currently play their season through the winter which is now at odds with the professional games summer season.
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