Canadian Football is very similar to American Football with some significant differences. Canadian Football fields are larger and they play twelve to a side. Canadian Football is generally more "wide open" than its American counterpart. Here you will find information about Canadian Football, from Youth to the Pros. In some cases, Canadian football refers to football played in Canada but some teams/leagues follow American rules.


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Canadian Junior Football League A minor league adult (17-22 years old) football league in Canada, consisting of:
  • BCFC - British Columbia Football Conference
  • OFC - Ontario Football Conference
  • PFC - Prairie Football Conference
Teams compete for the Canadian Bowl. All CJFL conference and playoff games are played in accordance with the Canadian Amateur Rules Book for Football.
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Canadian Major Football League A major league adult football league in Canada, consisting of:
  • AFL - Alberta Football League
  • NFC - Northern Football Conference
  • CFC - Canadian Football Conference
Offices in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Teams compete for the Shrine Bowl.
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High School football is becoming a very popular sport across Canada. With the cost of watching pro football on the rise, amateur football is beginning to look like an excellent substitute. All provinces have high school leagues with some more prominent than others, most following Canadian rules with the exception of British Columbia, who plays by the American rules.
All Touch football listings will be included within this category. Any touch football team or league from across Canada.