Sites focused on the Chicago Bears football team.
Please submit sites that focus primarily on the Chicago Bears, not just NFL football in general. Fan pages should, of course, be submitted to the "Fan Pages" section. Commercial media sites should be submitted to the "News and Media" section.

Note that pages featuring news and opinion may be placed in Fan Pages or News and Media depending on their commercial aspect and the tone of their writing (Pro-Bears sites will most likely be placed in Fan Pages, while straight Bears news sites will probably be placed in News and Media.)

Pages related to the Chicago Bears football team. These pages should be designed for and be intended for Chicago Bears fans.
Please submit your fan site for the Chicago Bears. Pages should be unique and noncommercial.
Web sites mantained by news and media companies dedicated to the Chicago Bears of the National Football League.
Please submit only sites for the Chicago Bears that are kept current and maintained by news and media companies.
This category contains links to current or retired players of the Chicago Bears football team.
Please submit only sites specializing in information on an individual player that is currently on the Chicago Bears or retired from the Chicago Bears.