This category groups sites about American college football, including team and conference home pages, news media, history, and fan sites. The history of American football begins with a college match in 1869 between Princeton and Rutgers; the shape of the ball and goalposts and the modern rules were all established by college officials and players. In days before movies or television, many came to follow their local college or university team with great interest, especially after reforms to improve safety. The richness of football traditions and lore at schools and in communities and the nation at large-- "win one for the Gipper" was Notre Dame coach Knute Rockne's line-- continues to hold the fascination of fans in the United States and elsewhere.
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This category is for sites about the many College Bowl games that end the college football season as well as the "Classics" that start the season.
The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, or NAIA, is the national governing body for approximately 350 small-college athletics programs in the United States. Based in Tulsa Oklahoma, the NAIA conducts 23 national championships as well as overseeing eligibility, statistics, ratings, national records and honors.
This category contains sites that provide news coverage of college football. It is different from the top-level college football category in that the sites listed here do not tend to focus on opinion pieces, editorials, or other community-related services like chats and message boards.
Information on the National Junior College Athletic Association.
Resources to help college coaches find potential recruits.