This category lists all non-canine sports involving a disc including double court, disc golf, guts, freestyle, ultimate frisbee, and goaltimate.
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Goaltimate is a non-contact sport where the objective is to throw the disc through an arched goal with the disc then being caught by the offensive receiver in the 24' x 24' end zone.
Guts is a disc sport in which two lines of one to five players face each other. A player from one line forcefully throws the disc at the opposing line. If someone from the receiving line is unable to catch the disc without using two hands, the side that threw the disc scores a point. If the throwing side makes a bad throw, the receiving side scores a point.
Ultimate is a non-contact sport that combines the endurance of soccer, with the strategic play of basketball and the precision passing and teamwork of football. But the truth is it's unlike any other sport. Men and women play on the same teams. The rules are simple, but the strategies are complex. Played with a frisbee, Ultimate relies on the mutual respect of players rather than the use of referees to insure fair play. There are no referees. The object of the game is to score goals. The disc may only be moved by passing as the thrower is not allowed to take any steps. A goal is scored when a player successfully passes the disc to a teammate in the endzone which that team is attacking. Ultimate stresses sportsmanship and fair play. Competitive play is encouraged, but never at the expense of respect between players, adherence to the rules, and the basic joy of play.