Fantasy football leagues are where fantasy football enthusiasts put their knowledge and skill to practice on a weekly basis. These hobbiests put their pride, and sometimes their money, on the line in the hopes putting together a championship fantasy team. Fantasy Football Leagues come in a variety of formats, from re-draft to keeper to dynasty leagues, and they have an almost inexhaustible variety of rules to give any fantasy football professional the challenge they are looking for. This category features sites for fantasy football leagues that are open to anyone for free or for pay. Sites that feature fantasy football leagues that are open to only those who know a current league member, are from a particular locality, or must share a common bond with other league members (i.e., family, college alumnus, fraternity member, co-worker, etc.) are listed in the Private Leagues category. Sites that host fantasy football leagues but do not sponsor or administer the leagues themselves are listed in the Sports: Fantasy: Football: Places_to_Play category. Other games that use the results of real-life professional sports games, such as "pick 'em" contests, are not part of fantasy sports. (You will find most such games in Games: Gambling: Sports). Additionally, games that use simulated statistics are also not listed in this category and might better be found in Games: Video_Games: Sports, Sports: Fantasy: Simulations: Football, or Games: Internet: Play-By-E-Mail: Sports.
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Games in which you choose the winner of each game, whether for free or pay-to-play, straight-up or against the spread, should be submitted to Games: Gambling: Sports and will not be listed here.

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The Private Leagues category features fantasy football leagues that are based in one locality and are open to new members who are from or near to that locality only. It also contains leagues whose owners, who although may not be centrally located in one city or metropolitan area, share some other common bond such as members of a fraternity, family, co-workers, college alumni, etc. These leagues are generally not open to the public at large, and new members into the leagues are usually known by current members or share a common bond as noted above.