Sports:Equestrian:Showjumping category is for sites specifically concerned with showjumping or hunter/jumper organizations, resource sites and shows. Sites that include showjumping or hunter/jumper information with other equestrian information in other disciplines will not normally be listed here. (See related categories.)
Open to all associations and clubs promoting or sponsoring the sport of riding/showing Hunters and Jumpers.
On-line news and media services offering up-to-date coverage of Hunter and Jumper competition.
Open to all personal homepages wishing to share the excitement, experiences, stories, photographs, and adventures in and of the sport of Show Jumping.
Open to all sites offering specific business services to the Hunter/Jumper market.
Open to all horse show sites for Hunters and Jumpers.
Open to sites specifically devoted to offering training and instruction in the Hunter and Jumper disciplines.