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Open to all sites promoting or sponsoring horseracing in Asia.
There is currently no description created for this category.
Open to all associations, organizations, and clubs promoting the sport of horseracing in France. Please submit only sites that includes English version of the text. Non-English language sites should be submitted to World category in Open Directory Project.
Racing associations and club located in Europe.
Open to all organizations, associations, and clubs promoting horseracing within the United States.
Racing associations and clubs in North America.
If your club/association is not in Australia or New Zealand, please submit your site description in the following format:

"Location" - "type of club". "Contents".

Otherwise, please follow the guidelines under "add URL".

For thoroughbred racing Associations and Clubs that are located in Oceania but are NOT in Australia or New Zealand or that cover (represent) Associations and Clubs (or peak bodies) in BOTH Australia and New Zealand. Australian and New Zealand entities should submit to the appropriate sub-category under this category.
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