Since the dawn of time, when humanity first scrambled upon the horse, racing has been a sport enjoyed by both rich and poor, educated and illiterate, young and old.

Known officially as "The Sport of Kings", this exciting horse sport spans venues from turf to dirt tracks to hurtles, and a variety of distances ranging from short, explosive quarter mile tracks to races covering miles at a stretch. Specialized breeds were developed over the centuries to produce racehorses that could either run the farthest (the Arabian), the fastest (the Thoroughbred), the quickest (the American Quarter Horse), or out-trot anything on four legs (the Standardbred). The result was the promotion of an unparallel level of refinement in the selection of various racing bloodlines that are closely controlled by governing bodies overseeing the now multi-billion dollar racing/breeding industry.

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Racing chariots and chuckwagons is a sport that reaches back to Roman times and the Wild West. Both are timed events, although the courses are different -- chariots are generally straight line sprints on a flat racetrack mostly with pairs of Quarter Horses, while chuckwagon races are comprised of teams (four ups) that negotiate courses and require human teamwork with driver and one or two outriders. Both are exhilarating sports that are wildly exciting to both participant and spectator.
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Since the early days of exploration and settlement, people have come together at certain times of the year to enjoy the festival of a season or the celebration of a special event. When people came together for these occasions, they came by horseback to eat, drink, visit, look around, play, have a little fun, and to see who had the fastest horse. Even today horse racing and fairs share a particularly special partnership of history and fun.
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Harness racing is the sport of racing standardbred horses on oval tracks for purse money. The driver of the horse sits in a specially designed cart called a sulky that is pulled by the horse. For an introductions to harness racing and the standardbred horse, please see the links at the top of the category. The charter of this category is to become the 'de facto' directory for harness racing on the net by the end of 2000. We are currently creating the structure and filling all the subcategories. Please check in frequently and tell us how you like this renewed section. Harness racing at this site is divided into the following categories: - Associations - Directories and Links - Events - Forums - Handicapping - History and Memorabilia - Live Racing - News and Publications - Off-Track Betting - Partnerships and Sales - Racetracks - Racing Information - Stables - Virtual Racing
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Sprint racing, also known as Quarter Mile Racing, is generally the domain of the American Quarter Horse, but is also enjoyed by other breeds as well. Short distance racing originated in North America shortly after the founding of Jamestown in 1607, but was deemed "less acceptable" to the morals of the colonists than harness racing, and was only enjoyed on the fringes of society. As America pushed west, however, sprint racing returned to the forefront, and today is a highly popular sport eclipsed only by Thoroughbred flat racing. Quarter Mile racing is generally found in the mid-west and western US.
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The name "steeplechasing" came from the quaint custom of horsemen (and ladies, when so inclined) to challenge one another to a race, often selecting the most notable and identifiable landscape feature - usually a far away church steeple - as the finish line. These impromptu races often took the form of a deadout run straight cross-country, hurtling every obstacle in the way - including hedges, walls, brush, livestock, and irate farmers - much to the exhilaration of the riders and whatever spectators happened to be standing within view.

In its more modern form, this delightful sport still involves a blistering gallop over fences and brush, however it now takes on far tamer turf, and is generally found in the company of "the finer set" who dress to the nines for the occasion, dragging out the china, silver and caviar for an appropriate "tailgate picnic" while ostensively viewing the galloping field from the vantage point of an enclosed paddock or a gentle, well-groomed hillside.

Among the more famous steeplechases are Ascot (which is known for not only for its astounding ability to encourage the most ostentatious ladies hats imaginable, but also played a delightful and memorable part in the movie My Fair Lady), The Grand National (another which found its way to the silver screen, launching a young Elizabeth Taylor to Hollywood stardom in the movie National Velvet), and The Maryland Hunt Cup (an American institution that proudly boasts a heritage predating the Revolutionary War).


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