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Horsepulling was originally a competition for farmers to determine who had the strongest team. As use of the draft horse receded in the wake of modern farm machinery, the friendly competition evolved into an exciting spectator sport enjoyed throughout the world. There are many different forms of horsepulling; however most pulls are elimination contests where each contestant has five minutes and three hitches to pull a specified load (either a stone boat or a sledge) the required distance in one continuous pull. That success qualifies the team for the next heavier load. The boat continues to be loaded with weight until one team qualifies the load or the winner is determined as the team that pulled the heaviest load the greatest distance. The most common distances used for competitions in New England are six and twelve feet. In the state of Maine you will find distance pulls where a team has five minutes to pull a predetermined weight as far as possible. Regardless of the style, it takes a well conditioned pair of horses, a skilled teamster and precise teamwork between man and horse to compete.
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