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Sites for or by athletes that are recognized successes in their fields are listed in this category.
Please submit sites to this category which are specifically dedicated to promoting sports for individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

If your sports site deals with multiple disabilities, submit your site to Sports/Disabled.

This category lists sites which manage sports for visually impaired or blind athletes.
This category lists sites for organizations or programs that offer disabled sports opportunity at a specific location. These programs may be for-profit or not-for-profit.

Organizations that endeavor to provide training opportunities and competitions for a wide geographic region are not listed in this category, but in Sports: Disabled.

This category is dedicated to sites which support sports for individuals with cerebral palsy.
Sites should be submitted to this category if they are dedicated exclusively to sports for the hearing-impaired or deaf. If your site covers a variety of disabilities, consider submitting it to Sports/Disabled.
Sites dedicated to organizations and clubs which support sports for deaf individuals are listed in this category.
For sites relating to Dwarf sports, athletics, and the like.
This category contains sites about competitive events for the disabled athlete.
This category is for those who are interested in listing their non-profit organization related to the Special Olympics.
This category lists sites which are dedicated to sports for athletes with intellectual disabilities.
Please submit sites to this category that meet both of the following criteria:
  • The site is related to an organization that provides sporting opportunities to individuals with a variety of disabilities.
  • The site is related to an organization that covers a variety of sports.
This category lists sites related to a specific region that cover both multiple sports and multiple disabilities. Disability specific sports sites are listed in the disability's subcategory. For example, an organization focused on sports for the deaf is listed in Sport: Disabled: Deaf.
Injuries and disabilities of the legs or lower half of body often leave people still willing and able to participate in physical activity, or sport. However, many sports and games that typically involve running or kicking have to be modified to allow wheelchair play. This category contains information and sites about those sports that are played in wheelchairs.
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