This category includes entries about bicycle and cycling travel, not specific to travelogues (personal accounts about tours conducted in someone's past) and tour operators (a company that provides cycle and bicycle tours).

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Links to Companies that offer tours (journeys) by bicycle. Tours are usually several days in length, but may extend to weeks or even months. Tours may be "supported", meaning support vehicles carry your camping gear and rescue cyclists; "unsupported", meaning you carry all your camping gear on your bicycle; or "inn-to-inn", meaning little or no camping. Most tours have leaders, but some are "self-directed".
Please post URLs of companies who offer Cycle Tours. Where possible please post them to the most appropriate category, although if you are unsure, feel free to post them to Sports/Cycling/Companies/Tours.

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For reports of peoples cycle tours throughout the world. The sites will be an aid for people planning similar tours or just for "a good read". Please submit your site to the most appropriate region of the world. This category is for general Touring sites.

The category is for personal Travelogues, Tour Reports and information to cycling to various corners of the world (or even your own backyard).

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