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Cyclocross (or cyclo-cross) is part road racing and part mountain bike racing. Cyclocross bikes and equipment are unique and different than typically found on a road or mountain bike frame. Generally speaking, a cyclocross bike frame is a road frame adapted for off-road use. Another cycling term you may be familiar with is a 'hybrid bike'. So what is the difference between a hybrid and cyclocross? Well, cyclocross is about competition and racing, while a hybrid bike is usually a term reserved for recreational road/off-road riding.
Includes links to sites related to long distance cycling. Long distance cycling is defined for this category to mean people or organizations that participate in events that are ridden in excess of 100 miles and, that are competitive and must be completed within a certain time limit. Long distance tours, such as RAGBRAI do not qualify. Sites may include, but not limited to:
  • Ultra-marathon cycling
  • Race across nation racing
  • Audax racing
  • Brevet
  • Populaire
  • Randonneuring
This category contains links to professional road cycling teams.
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Track cycling is a racing format for cycling usually conducted in a velodrome. Track racing is divided into two broad categories: the sprint races and the endurance races. Sprint Races
  • Time Trial
    • 1000 metres for men
    • 500 metres for women
    • 200m Sprint- also known as 'Match Sprint'
  • Keirin
Endurance Races
  • Individual Pursuit
    • 4000m for men
    • 3000m for women
  • Team Pursuit
  • Olympic Sprint
  • Keirin
  • Points race
    • 40km for men
    • 24km for women
  • Madison
  • Includes information on bicycle racing training programs, topics, tips, and coaches.
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