Includes links to bike shops that have locations in more than one country in North America, or are located in Greenland, Bermuda or Mexico. Bike shops with one location in the United States or Canada should be submitted to the proper province or state.
Please submit sites to the proper state within the United States or province/territory in Canada, as appropriate.

Sites at this level are only for bike shops that operate in more than one country, or a (currently) non-listed country, such as Greenland, Bermuda or Mexico.

Please submit bicycle service, bicycle repair, full-service shops, or bicycle dealers/retailers that are located in Alberta.

If you are submitting a cycle manufacturing company please submit to Sporting Goods, Cycling

Please do NOT submit sites that offer online sales to all of Canada, North America, or international orders.

For bike shops that offer online sales, please submit sites to Shopping: Sports: Cycling.

Includes links to bike shops with more than one location in two or more states. Otherwise, please submit to the proper state.
Please submit to the proper state.

Please include the locality (city, village, town) where the shop is located at the end of the description. For example, "Based in [City Name]." No need to include the state since the site will be listed in a state category.