BMX (aka, Bicycle Motorcross) and BSX (Bicycle Supercross) include a variety of cycling disciplines and areas such as street, flatland, vert and dirt jumping.
Please try and submit you site to the correct subcategory within BMX. Please submit personal pages to the appropriate category.

If the submitted site is for a BMX park or particular local scene, then please submit your site to Sports/Cycling/Regional/ category. Please mention the location such as, "Southern California" or "Vancover, British Columbia".

DO NOT include wording such as, "the coolest", "the best", "and more", "etc.". Also, do NOT include ALL CAPS.

Submissions that do not follow these guidelines may result in large delay or failure to have site listed.

Use for sites containing alphabetical or classified lists of BMX resources Directories is used for sites which provide a straight list of sites, sometimes with a brief description and not, generally, including additional information.
Sites containing Frequently Asked Questions, Help and Tutorials on the sport of BMX, including how-to guides on building ramps, bike modifications and BMX bike maintenance.
Please submit your site to only one of the Sports/Cycling/BMX categories.

Multiple submissions may result in removal of all entries.

Also, please do NOT state your site in "marketing" language. For example, "this site is cool and has loads of pics.", "helpful tricks" (it''s subjective), or "and more." It delays your submission, which will be changed to something like this,

"Provides information guides on how to build a BMX ramp, including photos, links, and message board."

An umbrella category for news services, newspapers, books, magazines and e-zines, and journals related to BMX (Bicycle Motorcross) and BSX (Bicycle Supercross) and related sports such as freeride, flatland, dirt jumping, street and vert.
Do NOT submit individual articles or news stories.
This category contains links related to personal pages for BMX riding. Please note that if the site is more about a particular area or locality for BMX riding, it may be better suited for the appropriate country or state (United States only) in Sports/Cycling/Regional/ category.
Please consider becoming a volunteer editor for this category.

Please describe the site contents.

Do NOT use "hype" in the description, such as "The coolest site with the phatest ..." and like terms.

Descriptions such as the following is preferred:

"Contains area events for [City, State, Country], message board, photo gallery of jumps and tricks, along with rider biographies, news, and links."

Sites relating to BMX competitive events, venues and teams.
Do NOT submit personal pages relating to the results of an individual.

If the site you are requesting to submit is more regional in nature, such as a BMX track located in [City], [State], then you may want to submit your site to appropriate country or state within our regional category.

Please note your site may only be listed in one category at the discretion of the volunteer editor.