Pool is played on a table similar to a billiard table, however far smaller in size. Depending upon the specific game of pool, there are some differences in the cushion rubbers, pockets, ball size and other equipment.
Sites containing information on Pool, 8 Ball, 9 Ball, Straight Pool and Kelly Pool, may be submitted here. In America, they sometimes refer to this game as Billiards, however this is a coloquial term and any game reflecting the characteristics of pool, although it may be called Billiards, may be listed in here.
This category contains sites that are considered a governing body for the sport. The sport of pool, includes 8 ball, 9 ball, straight pool, cannonball and other variations. The association will generally have relevance to a large area and operate on either a state or national level.
Please only submit sites for governing or controlling bodies. Clubs and leagues should be submitted to the appropriate category.
Sites providing information on local competition, clubs and leagues, involving pool and it's variations. This includes 8 ball, 9 ball and straight pool.
The site must provide information on a number of clubs or venues, sites pertaining to one venue should submit to the relevant REGIONAL locality.
This category contains sites that provide information on players involved in the sport. These players should be professional in status, however amateur players that have achieved considerable success and regarded as playing at an elite level, can be included. The player may well participate in numerous disciplines, however they should be listed under the discipline for which they have achieved most recognition.