University athletics are a major aspect of student life in the United States and around the world.

Submission Guidelines

If your site is oriented to sales of logoed merchandise, please submit it to an appropriate category in the Shopping/Sports/College tree.

If your site is devoted to a single school, use the alphabet bar at the top of Sports/College_and_University and submit your site to the Athletics subcategory for the school, in Reference/Education/Colleges_and_Universities. If the school is not listed, you may submit your site into the school''s main category and it will be added appropriately.

If your site is devoted to a single sport, click the link for the sport in Sports/College_and_University and submit into that category. If your sport is not listed, try searching for an appropriate destination from the top of the Sports hierarchy.

If your site is about a conference, association, or rivalry, try locating the conference or association in Sports/College_and_University/Conferences and submit the site there. If a category for your conference or association does not yet exist, please submit it to the main Sports/College_and_University/Conferences category and it will be moved appropriately.

Sites whose primary emphasis is a link directory for websites and other online resources pertaining to college and university athletics.
Categories for individual college and university athletic conferences and associations throughout the world.
This category is for general organizations such as leagues or national federations which sponsor rules, games, rankings, and other guidelines for intervarsity competition in more than one sport. Governing bodies for individual sports should be submitted to the most appropriate subcategory in the category for the sport itself.
Organized sports played among students within the bounds of a single institution.
Sites for articles, publications, video, and other news and media focusing on university athletics.
This category is for sites and publications which cover a variety of college and university sports.

Please submit sport-specific websites into the category for the sport, and submit generic sports news and media into Sports/News_and_Media.

Organizations both for student athletes and for professionals working in college and university sports.
Submissions to this category should be of general interest. Please do not submit sites for fan organizations, booster clubs, or other school-specific groups here, but with the appropriate institution or conference.
Information for secondary school and junior college athletes regarding recruitment for major university athletic programs and scholarships.