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Candlepin is a variation of bowling which is unique to the New England States and the Maritime Provinces in Canada. The game consists of ten pins and a small ball much like Duckpin. Candlepin Bowling dates back to the 19th Century and is becoming more popular as it enters into the 21st Century.
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A variation on tenpin bowling played with shorter, squatter pins and smaller balls.
Five-Pin bowling originated in Canada, where it is played in centres across the country. It is played with a small ball, the 5 pins have rubber rings around their middles, there are 3 balls per frame and a perfect game score is 450. Please read through the sites for more information.
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Referred to as Lawn Bowling in North America and Bowls in the UK, Australia and most other countries where it is played. The sport can be played on either flat-surfaced lawns or 'crown greens', where the green has a rise in its middle. The object of Bowls is to get your bowls closest to an object ball, called a Jack. Not only do you have your competitor to deal with but the bowls themselves are not spherical and they are weighted to one side ('biased').
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Short mat bowls is an all-year sport unaffected by weather conditions and does not require a permanent location as the rink mats can be rolled up and stowed away. This makes it particularly appropriate for small communities as it can be played in village halls, schools, sports and social clubs, hotels etc. where space is restricted and is also required for other purposes: it is even played on North Sea oil rigs where space is really at a premium. The foam-backed rink mats range from a minimum length of 40ft to a maximum of 45ft. The width is 6ft. The game is played in broadly the same way, and provides the same enjoyment and has the same attractions as outdoor bowls. The object is for each player in a singles game or each team in a pairs, triples or fours to gain as many shots as possible by getting their bowls nearer to the jack than their opponents. The bowls themselves, and the smooth soled heel less footwear are the same as those used outdoors. The presence of the block, which prevents players from playing with force directly towards an opponents bowl in order to knock it out of a scoring position, and the narrow playing area, requires players to develop skill in using the natural bias on the bowls to bowl round the block.
The game of skittles, or nine-pin bowling, is the forerunner of all other modern forms of pin bowling.
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This category contains sites related to 10-pin bowling, which is a popular form of indoor bowling. Tenpin bowling is an activity that is popular for both fun and for sport. A game last for ten frames, with up to two balls in each frame. When all frames have been played, the player with the highest score is the winner.
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