Labor organizations offer many scholarships and opportunities for higher education to members and their families.
Please submit labor sites offering scholarships, educational opportunities, apprenticeships, or access to labor studies programs.
Sites providing news and current events related to labor/work issues.
Please submit sites that provide news and current events related to labor/work issues. Sites that provide discussion of news and/or current events related to labor/work issues will be considered. However, sites that provide mostly political/ideological opinion should be submitted in a different category.
Labor unions, directory of labor union sites and departments of unions and labor federations.
Sites for specific unions do not normally belong here but should instead go either to the appropriate category under Society/Work/Labor_Movement/Unions/By_Region/... or, if a US or Canadian union to either Regional/North_America/United_States/Society_and_Culture/Labor/ or Regional/North_America/Canada/Society_and_Culture/Labor/ for further filing.