Information by and for intersexed folks: people who were born with anatomy that differs from cultural ideas of what "male" and "female" are supposed to be, whether they have ambiguous genitalia, XXY chromosomes, or something else entirely.
See contents of this cat for examples, and use your own judgment.
Organizations, news stories, reports of activism, and ideas for personal action for the intersexed community.
This category contains sites about using surgery or other medical treatment to assign gender to children with ambiguous genitalia.


Legal information and resources on laws and court cases affecting intersexed people, including marriage law, biological sex determinants, and medical rulings.
For articles and reports about intersexed people and issues.
This is a good place to submit press releases that affect intersexed people, as well as articles profiling intersexed people and/or issues, and intersexed media sources.
Books, articles, stories, essays, and zines, by for and about the intersexed community.