For movies, performing arts, humor, and other entertaining arts related to or created by transgendered people.
Good submissions for this category include fan sites for transgender-themed movies like Ma Vie En Rose and Boys Don''t Cry; websites about (or by) transgendered artists like Jordy Jones; myths and folktales involving transgendered characters or themes; transgender radio shows; and anything else that you feel fits this particular category. Please make sure you submit each site to its appropriate subcategory; for example, a site about a folksinger should go in Arts_and_Entertainment/Music, not just under "Arts and Entertainment."

For drag kings and queens, and their performances.
This is where reviews of drag shows, drag club sites, drag performers, and other sites related to drag as art and entertainment should go. The home page of someone who does drag as a personal gender expression, or who has drag tips for day-to-day life, or sites for crossdressing in general, should go in Society/Transgendered/Crossdressing.
Space for fan sites and reviews of movies with transgender themes, and transgendered stars.
Transgendered photographers, and photography projects featuring transgendered subjects and themes.
Radio shows and stations featuring transgendered content.
For pages about television shows with a transgendered theme, or about/by transgendered television actors.
Plays and musicals with transgender themes, actors, or authors.