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Sites appropriate for this category provide substantive reading about an aspect of transgenderism from an academic perspective. Sites do not need to focus on every kind of transgenderism. For example, sites may focus exclusively on transsexuals, cross-dressers, drag-queens, butch lesbians, or intersexuals. Sites do not need to focus on every kind of academic approach. For example, sites may approach transgenderism from a psychological, historical, sociological, anthropological, gender studies, queer studies, or legal perspective.
"Transgenderism" is an umbrella term covering persons who do not fit societal expectations of sex or gender. Transgendered persons include: transsexuals, cross-dressers, drag-queens, butch lesbians, intersexuals, and others. Academic perspectives on transgenderism come from many disciplines such as psychology, history, sociology, anthropology, gender studies, queer studies, and law.
Good submissions for this category include fan sites for transgender-themed movies like Ma Vie En Rose and Boys Don''t Cry; websites about (or by) transgendered artists like Jordy Jones; myths and folktales involving transgendered characters or themes; transgender radio shows; and anything else that you feel fits this particular category. Please make sure you submit each site to its appropriate subcategory; for example, a site about a folksinger should go in Arts_and_Entertainment/Music, not just under "Arts and Entertainment."

For movies, performing arts, humor, and other entertaining arts related to or created by transgendered people.
Information by and for those who wish to present themselves as the gender of personal choice.
Information by and for our sweeties: allies, friends, family, and significant others of transgendered folks.
Please do not submit porn here. All sites that contain adult material (i.e. pornography) should be sent to the appropriate subcategory in Adult. Only sites that are personal or informational will be added to the list here.
Information for and about female-to-male transgender and transsexual folks.
Please understand the meaning of genderqueer before submitting sites to this category.

Please pick the appropriate subcategory.

Writing, personal pages, and mailing lists for genderqueers: folks who bend gender past the binary norms of man/woman and FTM/MTF, and land somewhere else entirely.
Mainstream and alternative medical information for transgendered folks, including transfriendly doctors and psychiatric info.
See contents of this cat for examples, and use your own judgment.
Information by and for intersexed folks: people who were born with anatomy that differs from cultural ideas of what "male" and "female" are supposed to be, whether they have ambiguous genitalia, XXY chromosomes, or something else entirely.
Legal information and resources on laws affecting transgendered people, and our court cases. See category contents for examples, or use your own judgment.
Legal information and resources on laws affecting transgendered people, and our court cases.
This site accepts everyone that aspires to be their gender of personal choice. Without exception, everyone will be treated equally regardless of race, religion, nationality or chosen gender. Sites most appropriate but not limited too, are those that raise and promote a responsible socially acceptable level of all gender kind. "Site quality" is more of a requirement than "site layout" but good organization and careful use of banner advertising will be considered in the final placement decision. You are socially responsible for where your "links" take an individual. See guidelines for "pornographic" material or a display of the human anatomy outside "Western Cultural Standards" with no redeeming value as such. A healthy site is a well maintained site.
Information pertaining to the Male-to-Female community. This excludes no particular individual of gender choice. Rather, it emphasizes a particular group within the community of gender changing individuals.
This is a good place to submit sites hosting zines like WillyBoy and magazines like Transgender Tapestry or Chrysalis. An organization''s newsletter or a trans-friendly article you found online can also go here. However, their submission guidelines should go in Society/Transgendered/Writing_and_Literature/Submissions.
There is currently no description created for this category.
Submissions to this category should be resources for information on transgendered people and cultures. If your site is specific in focus, please submit to the most appropriate category within Society: Transgendered.
Known people and cultures who are transgendered.
Please submit your site to the correct category.
This category only serves as a guide to help locate a appropriate personal homepage category. No sites will be listed in this category.
Sites about religion and the transgendered.
Please submit only sites for organizations that offer physical support group meetings or web-based forum/email support. Transgendered Political groups should be submitted to Society:Transgendered:Activism Transgendered informational sites should be submitted to Society:Transgendered:Transition or the specific sub-category (ie. FTM, crossdresser, etc) of the information. Personal transgendered web pages should be submitted to the specific sub-category they fall under.
transgendered support groups are organizations that have physical meetings or web-based forums/email groups which offer support to individuals in the Transgendered community.
This is a good place for news and articles on hormones, like alerts of hormones shortages or studies on their long-term effects. It''s also a good place for information on hormone alternatives.
Sites about the transition from one sex to another.
A good place to submit your own website with a call for submissions to some book or magazine, or advice on transgender writing, or news on the transgender publishing arena. Actual trans writing should go in the Society/Transgendered/Writing_and_Literature or Soc/Trans/Writing_and_Literature/Fiction categories.
Books, articles, stories, essays, and zines, by for and about the transgendered community.
Resources for youth.
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