Coverall of subcultures that have "grown up" on the Internet. Also includes all other aspects of cyberculture.
Intended to catalog the exploits of remarkable online personalities ... movers, shakers, cabals (there is no cabal), nattering nutballs, kooks and crazies. Prolific spammers, famous Netizens, and legendary cranks all belong here.
Weblogs focused on, or discussing issues related to, cyberculture.
This category is not for general weblogs, but only for blogs that are focused on, or primarily discussing issues related to, cyberculture. Personal blogs should be suggested to Society: People: Personal Homepages: Weblogs. Weblogs that are focussed on a particular topic, should be suggested under the category for that particular topic.
The "first internet sport." You enroll your site and then visit other sites and sign guest books, write cheers for your team, and talk to your friends to get them to vote for your site. Web site competitions and friendship in a web clan.