The politics of sexuality addresses, and often challenges, the social organization of sexuality. Sexuality is not defined by nature, nor is it simply an individual matter. Sexuality as a political phenomenon involves a wide variety of issues including the representation of sexuality, sex education, individual freedoms, sex work and sexual identities.
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This category is for web sites which address pornography as a political issue.
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These are sites that offer information, resources, and political and social commentary about sex work and the sex industry, including prostitution, stripping and exotic dancing, professional dominance, porn modeling, phone sex and other forms of sexual or adult entertainment for money. These are **not porn sites!!** Generally they offer the view that sex work is an individual choice, not a sin or something that should be criminalized. They may be sites that tell about one individual's experience or they may be sites for organizations that support sex workers in various ways.
This subcategory is for sites that generally have to do with the relationship between sex work, individual sexual freedom and society. Sites that vigorously oppose people having the right to do sex work do not belong here.