Educational or information sites about human sexuality and sexual practice.

NOTE: "Sites with adult sexuality content which is not of an artistic, educational, or informative nature are not permitted in Society."

Instead, that material should be placed in the Adult category. This includes "Adult Oriented Personals," "Adult Novelties," XXX, hardcore, porn, etc. If the site is meant to arouse, not only to inform, it belongs in Adult rather than Society/Sexuality.

Although there is no universal agreement as to what constitutes adult material, any notice on the site that the visitors to the site must be of any minimum age -- 18+, 21+, or not minors -- is a strong hint that this site needs to go to Adult. Other hints can include PICS labels over 1, explicit keywords, and "the company the site keeps," the sites that it links to, advertises, maintains reciprocal links to.

See the Adult category FAQ for more details.

Continual submissions of adult sites into Society/Sexuality/Society/Sexuality may result in said sites being banned completely from the directory.

This is a category for sites that deal with the discussion of sexual activities and practices. However, explicit sites dealing with adult subject matter must be placed in the "Adult" section.
General audience advice on sexuality. Sites may not be targeted to a Restricted (R) or "Adult's Only" audience. In other words, the language on the site must be politically correct and have educational value. No nude photos. However, age-restricted adult sites should go to Sites that offer advice only on dating and relationships should go to
<> Sites may not contain nude photographs but may have generic educational diagrams. (Use your judgment.)

<> Site must have original content. No affiliate sites, doorways, or mirrors.

<> Language should be appropriate educational style rather than slang or curse/cuss words.

Sites which offer news or articles on various aspects of sexuality.
This category is intended for sites which report on news with a sexual tilt, be it medical, humorous, informational, or statistical. It is not intended for sites which are designed to titillate the surfer nor serve the adult webmaster community. Such sites must be submitted to Adult/News.
The politics of sexuality addresses, and often challenges, the social organization of sexuality. Sexuality is not defined by nature, nor is it simply an individual matter. Sexuality as a political phenomenon involves a wide variety of issues including the representation of sexuality, sex education, individual freedoms, sex work and sexual identities.
If your site is not political, please do not submit it here! Please take a moment to find the most appropriate category.
Academic study of human sexuality.
Resources for individuals who seek help in overcoming sexual addictions. Help for sexual addiction, sex addiction, masturbation, masterbation, voyeurism, fetishes, pornography, pedophilia, child molesting.
Educational resources on sex.
Sites which provide educational resources on sex in a way suitable for young adults may be listed here. (Explicit sites can only be listed in Adult.) Sites which are not primarily serving as educational resources, but instead argue for - or against - various kinds of sex education, or provide supporting evidence for such arguments, should be submitted to Society/Issues/Education/Sex_Education.