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The Articles category is intended for news style or scholarly works on Taoism. These may include papers or speeches previously released and now available on the internet.
Articles, papers, texts of speeches, and date sensitive material on Taoism can be found here.
Taoist related and influenced arts may be found here.
Submit only sites related to Taoist associations (including schools), foundations, temples, training and retreats. Sites must by edited in English.
There is currently no description created for this category.
Please only submit sites which contain a discussion forum or chat room based on subjects related to Taoism (Daoism) or Taoist thoughts and ideologies..
Providing sources for internet discussion groups on topics related to Taoism (Daoism).
Please submit web pages dealing mostly with humor in or about Taoism here.
This subcategory is for Taoist humor and related laughs.
If your site is created and maintained by you alone (especially if it includes an eclectic collection of information or an "about me" section) it likely belongs here.
The Personal Homepages section of Taoism is intended to house those pages that do not seem to fit well within other categories in the Taoism section and\or are clearly written and maintained by individuals.
All sites dealing primarily with well known "masters" of Taoism should be submitted to the Sages sub-category. If that Sage already has a sub-category please submit your page there.
The well known masters of Taoism are generally known as "sages" and sites about them may be found here.
If the primary purpose of your site is the marketing and sales of anything from books to tapes to classes, this is the category to submit to. Likewise if that is what you are serarching for, look here.
The Texts area is primarily for translations of texts from the Taoist canon, as well as books on popular Taoism.
Texts of the Taoist canon and popular Taoism can be found here.
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