A spiritual being is a non-corporeal entity found in many religions and belief systems throughout the world.

In many belief systems, spirits are on the same plane of existence as "gods", though these spirits are of a much lesser magnitude. For example, Thor was a god, and any given dwarf was likewise accounted as a spiritual being in Norse mythology.

Historically, spiritual beings have been ascribed any number of powers, both over nature and over humans. Often their power is said to be linked with their purpose in creation.

In some parts of the world, spiritual beings are believed to be able to possess humans and control their behavior.

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The word angel derives from the Greek angelos, which means 'messenger'. Originating in Zoroastrianism they are found mainly in Christian, Judaic and Islamic writings.
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Deities are an almost universal religious concept.
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Elementals are spirits comprised of one or more elemental energies.

Most western traditions use the elements of spirit, earth, air, water and fire. In other traditions, such as the Chinese, metal is used in place of air and wood in place of spirit.

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