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Castanedan, Nagual and Toltec Shamanism.
Contemporary shamanism focuses more on healing and the use of non-traditional sources (reiki and other new-age techniques) to produce similar results to that of a traditional shaman. Trance states, initiations and the use of psychoactive substances are used either to a lesser degree, or not as intensely as traditional shamanic practice. Many neo-shamanists are self-taught, whereas in traditional shamanism, one usually seeks out a teacher.
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Shamanic healing techniques involve both a physical and a spiritual level. Various plants and herbs can be used for medicinal purposes on the physical level, in combination with spiritual journeys or healing. Spiritual journeys involve bringing back soul fragments, or parts of someone's subtle body which have been removed due to a trauma. Healing involves the removal of spiritual intrusions or blocks in the meridians (energetic pathways) of a person's subtle body.
The oldest religious practice in Korea, often closely tied to Buddhism in practice. Its practitioners, who in South Korea today are usually women, are called mudang.
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