The Religious Studies category contains academic sites, references on primary sources (such as texts from various religious traditions), and other resources for the study of religions from an objective or comparative viewpoint. Sites that emphasize the study of a particular religion by adherents of that religion are classified with that religion.
The Religious Studies category is for objective, academic sites. If your site is from the perspective of a specific religion, please do not submit it here – it won''t be listed. Instead, go back to Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/ and submit it to the appropriate subcategory of that religion. This will reduce the number of editors who have to review your site, and allow your site to be listed in Open Directory more quickly.
This category includes many public and private colleges and universities with respect to the academic programs in religion they offer. Many links will take you to program descriptions, degrees offered, courses offered, and faculty profiles. Also included are a few centers and institutions dedicated solely to the academic study of religion. Note: this category aims at representing all faith traditions equally, so please submit a suggestion if you see resources left out.
This category is for sites containing extensive and well-maintained link collections to other religious studies resources on the web, but little content of their own. Resources are not limited to a particular religion, denomination, or subject area.
Print and electronic and journals that span more than a single religious tradition. Primarily but not exclusively academic journals.
Sites concerned with Religious Studies education for Kindergarten through 12th Grade.
Please submit educational resources, lesson plans, and sites concerned with specific methodologies for teaching Religious Studies. Sites concerned with theological instruction or specific topic areas should be submitted elsewhere in the directory.
New Religious Movements (NRMs) are also known as cults or sects. Sites listed here are primarily concerned with the academic study of religious groups younger than the major Western monotheistic traditions. These sites do not pass judgment on NRMs on religious grounds, though certain groups may be criticized on sociological, psychological, or mental health grounds.

Please submit only sites concerned with the academic study of New Religious Movements (NRMs).

Sites defending the standpoint of a particular NRM will not be listed here and instead should be submitted to that group''s particular category. Likewise, sites attacking NRMs on religious grounds should be listed in Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Opposing_Views/Cults/.

Exploration of religious movements from a sociological perspective.