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Views that are in contrast with the Apostolic Christian Church denominations.
Buddhist views opposing Christianity.
Sites submitted here should offer information in English, express opposition to a Catholic religious order, and be of wide interest.
For sites by non-Catholics criticizing the Catholic Church or its doctrines.
Web pages that challenge various Church of God teachings are included here. The most controversial COG groups currently are those in the Adventist family, specifically the Worldwide Church of God (now renamed Grace International Communion)and derivative groups, though material on other groups bearing the Church of God name (e.g. Pentecostal) is most welcome.
The most controversial Church of God groups are those in the Adventist family, tracing their roots to the various Church of God (Seventh Day) groups. Highest profile belongs to the Worldwide Church of God (now renamed Grace International Communion)and derivative groups.
Many people think poorly of Christian evangelists. Some critics object to all evangelists in general. Others especially distrust TV preachers. A few have devoted themselves to fighting one particularly distasteful evangelist or another. Whatever their focus, when critics create web sites to warn the world about Christian evangelists, this is where they publish their work.
This category provides information about the International Churches of Christ, also known as the Boston Movement, led by Kip McKean. Started in the 1970's, members of the International Churches of Christ believe they are the one true church, God's modern-day movement. Current members seeking un-filtered information about the ICOC, for journalists pursuing information about the group, and former members of the "movement".
This category provides information about Jehovah's Witnesses that is not available through Watchtower publications. Examples of sites that are appropriate for this category are ones that offer support and experiences of former Jehovah's witnesses or are critical of doctrines and practices of the Jehovah's Witnesses church.
Sites questioning that Jesus was the Son of God, especially those contending that Jesus was a myth or a fraud.
Jewish views on Christianity. Specifically Jewish responses to Christian missionary efforts aimed at converting Jews to Christianity or convincing them that Jesus Christ is the Jewish messiah.
Sites arguing against the teaching of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee and the related Local Church movement.
This category is for sites which are in specifically in contrast with the Messianic Judaism movement. There is another category for Jewish views of Christianity which are more general nature.
Criticism of Christian teachings about the creation of the world and of living beings.
This category is for parodies of Jesus.
Parodies of Christianity
This category is for sites which denounce Pentecostalism in general, specific Pentecostal denominations, or Pentecostal leaders.
This category is for sites by people who oppose the church or some part of it.
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